Student of the Year 2 – Film without a Story

Film Review: Student of the Year 2

Student of the Year 2

Firstly, Have you ever seen, that mobile phone companies sometimes launch upgraded versions of phones and you buy them with great zeal just to find that there is nothing different? Student of the Year 2 is such an upgraded mobile phone with no newness.

The first Student of the Year is directed by Karan Johar in 2012 was set in an unreal Dehradun school, St Teresa, it was about an annual school event that turned best friends into rivals and broke up romances. What powered that ‘bakwaas’ story were few scenes of fun and the curiosity around the potential of the three newcomers (‘Vardaan’ of Nepotism). In the film, Student of the Year 2, directed by Punit Malhotra, the competition has gone inter-school, the main sport is kabaddi, and the Dignity Cup is the big reward. Like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, the chief rivalry is between students from a fancy school, and kids from the modest local school.

The characters, However, are familiar ‘types’ that you can recognize from dozens of films. There’s the rich bully son of the school trustee (Aditya Seal), the earnest, middle-class kid on a sports scholarship (Tiger Shroff). So, the pretty girl confused over matters of the heart (Tara Sutaria), and the entitled campus brat (Ananya Panday). Moreover, no one in the film looks like a school kid. After watching every scene, you would feel, where this happens and how stupid the storyline is.

Critic Points:

Critically, Student of the Year 2 is both predictable and far from the original. But that’s not even the big problem with the film. Unlike the previous instalment, this one isn’t grounded in emotion, so it’s hard to connect with the characters or affect by their conflicts. Doubly so when they look like they’ve stepped straight out of the pages of a fashion magazine. The girls, of course, never have a hair out of place, or a chipped nail insight, but even Aditya Seal’s hair did not mess up at all even after an intense game of kabaddi.

Acting-wise everyone is a big ‘ZERO’. Tiger Shroff does the same dance, kicks, lifts which he does in every other film. Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria are equally emotionless and soulless.

On the whole, it is wastage of money and your precious time.

To Sum up, I’m going with half out of five for Student of the Year 2. It isn’t unwatchable, it’s just unnecessary.

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