Shazam-Your heart makes you a Superhero

Film Review: Shazam

Every human being at some point in time wants to possess Supernatural powers, where they can fight villains and lead a victorious life.

Shazam! – directed by David F Sandberg presents you with a fresh villain who wanted to be a superhero but due to certain incompetencies, he turns evil and a cute little boy who unexpectedly turns into a Superhero.


“Shazam!” is all about family. 

Asher Angel’s Billy Batson is the most lovely troublemaker you can find in movies these days, troubling Philadelphia cops and causing chaos for social workers. He is, in fact, searching his long lost mother.

He’s soon welcomed into a foster home by parents Rosa (Marta Milans) and Victor (Cooper Andrews) who have a supportive and spunky makeshift family, including the good-hearted Darla (Faithe Herman) and the video game-addicted Eugene (Ian Chen).

Billy shares a room with the sarcastic Freddy (Jack Dylan Glazer), who is a DC superfan and even has some Superman and Batman paraphernalia. And yet in spite of the love around him, Billy’s biggest goal is to break out and find the biological mother who abandoned him years ago.

Mixing Billy’s pain with the warmth of his new home, “Shazam!” creates a sweet message about how you choose the family that’s around you, how sometimes strangers can become your family and how your blood relations would forsake you.


Superpowers come into Billy’s life randomly, and that’s just how “Shazam!” functions—while escaping on the subway from some bullies who picked on Freddy, Billy is transported to the Rock of Eternity, the lair of the Wizard Shazam (Djimon Hounsou).

The stoic, incredibly serious wizard transfers his powers to Billy because he finds Billy “pure of heart.” When Billy says the wizard’s name, Billy can transform from a teenager into a classic-looking hero (Zachary Levi) with red spandex, a bright lightning bolt on his chest and a cape, not to mention a bunch of powers that Billy figures out with the help of Freddy. 


As it is required, Shazam also has a supervillain, the maniacal Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong). He wants to possess supernatural powers however being wrong at heart, he is unable to get the superhero powers from the wizard.

He found a way to the wizard’s cave without having to be invited, after experiencing his own random selection as a young boy in a very striking opening sequence that ends with a car accident and him hating his brother and father.

After creating his own portal out of thin air (one of many scenes where the special effects here are aces), Dr. Sivana unleashes the Seven Deadly Sins that sat dormant in the lair, the seven spirits changing from their large gargoyle-like presence into an evil that Dr. Sivana can carry around in his right eye.


When he finds out that someone has similar powers to his own, he starts to hunt Shazam down, not knowing Shazam is actually a teenage boy. 

Levi has a tricky role to play as he is a kid having superhero powers. Though he gets superhero powers, turns into an adult with a muscular body and heavy voice, he is a kid at heart. He has to pour out that emotion and he succeeds in the same.

In addition, you will like the parts played by Asher Angel who makes each of his scene enjoyable, Jack Dylan Grazer ,who is there to support our superhero. Another important fact which I liked about this character is despite having a physical deformity, he is always happy at heart and that makes his character more lovable.

I also fall in love with Faithe Herman who would remind you of your sweet loving sister who can’t keep your secrets yet thinks that she did not reveal anything.

Shazam is a fresh superhero comedy which almost everyone is liking including children. However, adults can have their sets of questions. You cannot compare it with the Marvel Cinematic Universe where each character has his/her own significance. Still, there’s a fair share of fun to be had with “Shazam!” as a comedy about superhero growing pains from a comic book company also figuring itself out cinematically. 

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