Setters: A repetitive tale with no freshness

Film Review: Setters

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The film is set in Varanasi, the holy city where some unholy locals run a business of leaking exam papers. Doesn’t it sound repetitive? So this is an old story with few new dialogues and nothing much.

Bhaiyaji (played by Pavan Raj Malhotra) is the head of these criminals and Apurva Choudhury (played by Shreyas Talpade) is his smartest lieutenant. Their troubles begin when the Superintendent of Police Aditya Singh (played by Aftab Shivdasani) forms a special task force to bust Bhaiya’s business. The film also shows that Apurva was in love with a girl, who is now Aditya’s wife. These men were friends and now they are not

Director Ashwini Chaudhary is the co-writer of Setters’ story and screenplay along with Vikash Mani. He has designed his film as a police and crime procedural, stripping it of all the frills commonly associated with commercial Bollywood thrillers. And so there are fights but could not please the audience. There is a romance but the hero and heroine are not assigned a song and dance break from the overall tension. In fact, Setters has no hero or heroine in the conventional sense.

Among the actors, Ishita Dutt does her job fairly, however, the male leads fail to deliver justice to their roles. A lot of overacting is the attribute, three men have delivered.

The film has nothing new to offer and the acting is below average as well. It can be given a miss!

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