PM Narendra Modi: A film not required

Film Review: PM Narendra Modi

PM Narender Modi

PM Narendra Modi: PM Narendra Modi is such a personality which needs no introduction. We know his story and it will need a great filmmaker to make a film about him.

PM Narender Modi

Vivek Oberoi has just tried to make money out of the elections and has proved once again that a bad actor and director can ruin a great story. Therefore, He could not even portray the one-tenth of the character of PM Modi. He could not carry that aura and that charisma.

The movie shows in 1975, Narendra Damodardas Modi was 25 years old. According to the film PM Narendra Modi, he had already made an impact seismic enough to make the power centers shiver. The on-screen Indira Gandhi is so threatened by the meteoric rise of this young leader that she feels the need for desperate measures. ‘Throw him in prison,’ she instructs, ‘and declare an Emergency.’


There’s so much ironic humour with ludicrous lines like “Aapka kaam bahar aana chahiye, peth nahi (Your work should show, not your stomach)” and “Abh tak hamare gaon main, paani sirf aurto ki aank se aata tha (So far the only water we had was women’s tears)”. So, There’s absolutely no pretending that the film is not a hagiography. The makers’ adulation for the political leader, almost as if he is a divine gift to India, is on display throughout. There’s no requirement of cinematic language to showcase their admiration, for the film literally keeps telling you how sincere, hardworking, fair and honest Modi is.


To Sum up, Everybody knows PM Modi and you can definitely miss this film as the actors could not depict the characters properly. It is just an attempt to make money out of a political situation.

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