Kalank-Visuals take over the plotline

Film Review: Kalank

The makers of Kalank not only want every frame to be a painting but every dialogue a proverb. However, it becomes tedious, and the audience does not connect well.


The story is based in a town called Husnabad, near Lahore, a few years before the Partition of India and Pakistan. It’s a town populated by blacksmiths and a majority of them are Muslims. Husnabad’s most affluent family is the Chaudhrys – Dev and his father Balraj (Sanjay Dutt), who also run a liberal newspaper called The Daily News.

Dev had to marry Roop because of some sudden circumstances in his Life. But the complexities in the story are just about to begin. Without revealing too much, during a visit to Bahaar Begum’s chamber (where Roop is honing her music skills) Roop meets Zafar, the local blacksmith and after several meetings, they develop strong feelings for each other.


Big-Small stars are stuffed is this Film: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kunal Khemmu are there too: that’s a whole lot of people to keep track of, in a movie whose scale and scope and ambition are epic.

If it had all come together with the way it was intended to, this would have been a great movie. That and the slack treatment: a film so expansive should also have the tools to ramp up the drama and be consistent with it.


The film is filled with dialogues like ‘ye shaadi nahi samjhauta hai’ which makes you feel that these are not required in this era. Kalank does not really lift off the screen. The whole feel is like giant sets without a strong story which can hold the audience.

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