Captain Marvel the last hope for Avengers

Film Review: Captain Marvel

This is a prequel to Avengers. It gives an explanation to the post-credit scene of Avengers Infinity War where Nick Fury pagers Captain Marvel.


She is a Kree warrior (from another part of the galaxy) who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skru...

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Romeo Akbar Walter -Review

Film Review: Romeo Akbar Walter

The film released on 05/04/2019, another effort by John Abraham to shine with a patriotic Concept!

Romeo Akbar Walter

The Film is getting a good response from the audience however not reaching the desired targets but the good reviews are helping viewers to encourage to visit Cinemas to watch this Film.

John Abraham starr...

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Shazam-Your heart makes you a Superhero

Film Review: Shazam

Every human being at some point in time wants to possess Supernatural powers, where they can fight villains and lead a victorious life.

Shazam! – directed by David F Sandberg presents you with a fresh villain who wanted to be a superhero but due to certain incompetencies, he turns evil and a cute little boy who unexpecte...

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how to train your dragon the hidden world-a treat for kids

Film Review: How to Train Your Dragon

The last instalment of the “How to Train Your Dragon” series is visually appealing and satisfying, with a conclusion that may leave the audience a little emotional. 

How to Train Your Dragon

The first film introduced us to Viking boy named Hiccup (Jay Baruchel)—who’s also the son of a fierce Chieftain—and a reputedly d...

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Kesari – Good but Predictable

Film Review : Kesari

Kesari reminds me of ‘300’ by Zack Snyder, about 300 Spartans who valiantly fought with 300,000 Persian Soldiers.


Here, 21 Sikh soldiers fought against approx 10,000 Afghans in the famous Battle of Saragarhi of 1897...

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Sanju Ek successful Atmakatha

Sanju Movie - Sanju Ek successful Atmakatha
Sanju Movie

Another Epic piece of work came out of our magician, Mr Rajkumar Hirani. We might have heard a lot of stuff about out star Sanjay Dutt but the point of view has been taken as a filmmaker that’s just awesome and creates a lot of doubts as well.

It’s a story of Son-Dad relationship and Friendship and has been crafted in a reall...

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Raid Released

Raid Film Poster 2019
Raid Film Poster 2019

Just watched #Raid.
what an amazing movie! and what an awesome piece of work @ajaydevgn.
Congratulations to the team!!
#AjayDevgn ...

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