Blank: The Movie title says the story!

Film Review: Blank: The Movie title says the story!

Blank Movie Poster

Blank: The Movie title says the story!: Another film showing terrorists and anti-terrorist squad trying to stop them. Director of the Film is Behzad Khambata.

Blank is all about terrorists and sleeper cells. There is this guy ‘Hanif’ who suffers a memory loss and has a bomb embedded inside his chest. The bomb is connected to his heart. This guy, Hanif, doesn’t remember who he is, but the bomb is ticking and the film is fraught with urgency. A film of approximately 1 hour 40 minutes should have been tight gripped however it loses its grip in the beginning. We see a lot of terrorists, we see their phone screen with a similar message, we see their identical reaction shots, and we see them move into action.

Karan Kapadia playing Hanif needs to work a lot on his emotions. Anybody can cram dialogues and deliver it. It takes a real actor to gel well in the scenes and deliver his best. As a result, the audience drifts away.

There is nothing to write about this movie. It has the same plot which shows Islamic ‘aatankwaad’ and India as the victim of the same, a ‘Khan’ brainwashing young kids, a suicide bomber etc. It is an unforgettable affair and you can definitely give it a miss.

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