“Ajeet Kumar” recently attended the Film promotion Event at Doon Public School(Ladwa) | Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?

Ajeet Kumar | Film Promotion
Ajeet Kumar starring as the lead in “Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?” enters Doon Public School Event(Ladwa).

Ajeet Kumar recently attended the Film promotion Event at Doon Public School(Ladwa). Considering the Social message this FilmUmakant Pandey Purush Ya…..? talks about, Ajeet Kumar the leading Actor of this Film was invited to talk about the Film and the essence of picking this unusual topic to make a Feature Film.

Film Promotion:

While interaction with “Ajeet Kumar”, He says that he understands the thought process of our society on this topic. In addition, Coming with all new faces and Talent nothing could be a topic better than this to make a Film, which will tickle the thought of our society and will force to think and talk about something like this, which we never want to. However, that is one of an integral part of our society.

He also explains how this film has been taken as a sexual film instead of a Social message Film. He says, “Because of the topic I chose to make this film with a sense of social message and the importance of talking about “Sex” openly in our society, nobody seems to take us positively. From the other Film-makers/Producers/Distributors to the Censor Board of our Country, All our thinking that we made a film on Sex to grab some attention of the audience. However, I want to clarify that I have not made a film on SEX. I have made a Film on SEX Education which gives Social message along with the Comedy element in it. Most importantly, If you just talk about a social message, nobody takes you serious but if you talk about entertainment with it, then all might at least listen to you once.”

To sum up, the Event went really well! all the students and staff liked this new guy coming with the different thought process and enjoyed a lot. All the best team Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?.

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